When Was the Last Time Your Vehicle Had a Checkup?

When Was the Last Time Your Vehicle Had a Checkup?

Bring your vehicle to our Mattawan, MI shop for diagnostics

Your car won’t start, and you don’t know what could be wrong with it. Call Rob’s Tire & Auto Care of Mattawan, MI to diagnose and address the problem for you. If you’re having an auto emergency, we offer towing services within 100 miles of our location. You can count on us to determine what’s causing your car trouble.

You can reach us at 269-668-3003 to schedule a diagnostic test for your vehicle.

3 reasons to keep your vehicle maintained

If you’re having car trouble or you notice that one of your “check engine” or “check oil” lights is on, it’s important to have your vehicle checked out and maintained by a mechanic. Here are three benefits of having your vehicle maintained regularly:

1. Preserve your vehicle’s fuel economy
2. Avoid major breakdowns and costly repairs
3. Extend the longevity of your vehicle

Work with Rob’s Tire & Auto Care to get to the bottom of your auto issues.