5 Signs You Need a New Suspension

5 Signs You Need a New Suspension

From Rob’s Tire & Auto Care in Mattawan, Michigan

At Rob’s Tire & Auto Care, we won’t leave you in suspense. Here are five signs that you may need to repair or replace your vehicle’s suspension:

1. Your car is noisy when you’re driving over bumps. Whether it’s a speed bump or a pothole, listen to the sounds your car makes. Noises could be a sign of a worn-out suspension system.
2. Your vehicle bounces a lot. You’re not on a carnival ride! Your vehicle shouldn’t bounce up and down as you drive.
3. You have difficulty turning. Slow or unresponsive turning could be a sign of trouble.
4. You’re experiencing uneven tire wear. If you’re getting your tires rotated but they’re wearing out at an uneven rate, get your suspension checked ASAP.
5. Your vehicle pulls to one side. Is your steering wheel trying to pull you to the side? It’s time to make a suspension appointment.

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